Inktober 2019 / 31JackOLanterns

I read an interesting discussion about “to-do” debt and how it can hold us back from accomplishing things because we put up a barrier that says the oldest tasks must be done before newer tasks. This is even if the newer tasks are more important and urgent. My website has really suffered from “to-do” debt. I haven’t put anything new up here because I felt like I had so much old stuff I had to restore first.

That ended up leaving nothing happening at all. So I’ve decided just to move forward and try my best to keep up with the new stuff and maybe I’ll be able to get the old stuff up later. So essentially this website will no longer be a shrine to my 2016 attempt at Inktober.

I’ve decided to start off with a simple challenge that I’m inviting other people to join. For the month of October, I’m going to do a modified Inktober challenge. I’m going to do a simple Jack O Lantern each day. (See the illustration below.) I’m going to focus on the habit of creativity every day instead of an illustration each day. I might do some witches or other prompts, but that’s extra. Everything will for sure be posted on my new art Instagram @Merr0wArt and at my regular @merrow full off art, cat photos and everything else.

Check out the 31JackOLanterns page for more on the challenge.

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