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It’s almost time for Inktober!

I try this drawing challenge every year and I’ve even completed it a time or two. The bare bones of this art challenge, invented by Jake Parker, is to post a daily artwork created with ink for every day in October.

I decided to make it easier on myself this year, and maybe encourage more people to try out the challenge. I hear over and over, “that looks like fun, but I couldn’t do all that.” There are a lot of people who do amazing full-blown detailed illustrations. Mine were never that detailed but they were time-consuming, and I often ended up staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning finishing them. And when you are working two jobs, forcing creativity on top of it was really rough.

But that’s not even the requirement of the challenge! We’ve put all this pressure when the only rule is: ink (digital or traditional) and post.

So this year, I’m starting with a small challenge and allowing myself to just have a little win and if I want to do more that’s great! It’s gravy! This year my main task is #31JackOLanterns. I made a sheet of 31 pumpkins, and I’m going to decorate a pumpkin for each day of the month of October. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. If you complete all 31 days you’ll have completed #inktober and #31JackOLanterns! You don’t have to spend hours, you just have to be a little bit creative every day. I’ll be posting to Instagram at my new art Instagram @Merr0wArt. If you want to join tag me or tag with #31JackOLanterns so I can see! You can decorate your Pumpkins in any way you want and with whatever medium you want. The page will print out on 1 peice of standard paper, or you can work digitally. The main task is to have fun, and give yourself time for creativity every day!

If people like these mini challenges, maybe I’ll make it a monthly thing!

thirty one pumpkin illustrations