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How to Connect with RandomFandom!

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I work and travel a lot and sometimes it can be hard to find where I’m active. Here’s the best ways to find me.

merrow@randomfandom.com My email! This is the best way to get in touch, I get my email on my phone so I respond quickly.

merr0w.tumblr.com I spend way too much time on tumblr, mostly reblogging Avengers stuff. You can message me there, but tumblr can be weird and not send me a notice sometimes.

Facebook! You can message me there anytime.

and also Twitter @merr0w

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Slowly Uploading Products into the Store

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Slowly Uploading Products into the Store

I’ve been really lucky to have friends and family who help me out with a lot of running RandomFandom, setting up and running my booth at cons and helping me assemble my buttons. I couldn’t have gotten through the past year with out them. But the website I do all on my lonesome, and I admit I fell behind on it a lot. Like, I fell behind by a couple of years. 

The last shopping cart I tried out really didn’t work, it had a bunch of popups and really hassled the shopper and most of the time wouldn’t even let the person buy when they were done. :/ It also didn’t like to notify me that there was a sale, which uh, is kind of the whole point… you know, to let people buy things and let me know so I can send them out? Yeesh.

So I’m trying a new one, and this time for the buttons I’m going to use the actual art from my computer instead of putting finished buttons on my scanner bed. That never looked right and washed them out something awful. It’s going to take me a while to get them all in a format to work with the store, but it should be worth it.

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This is what my setup looks like

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This is what my setup looks like

RandomFandom Setup from Anime North

That’s not me though. 🙂 That’s my younger sister Clare. This is my convention booth setup from Anime North 2012. This is what it looks like when I have to cram everything onto one table. It can be pretty tight and crowded. I often feel that people can’t really see and adsorb everything that I’ve made when it’s crammed this tight. It just gets to be overwhelming. Also, it can be physically hard to sell, because you can’t reach people except from one small window.

RandomFandom Booth Setup Wizard World Comic-con

This is my booth setup from Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. This is what it looks like when I can spread out on two tables. I like this setup better, because you can see more of what I have. People can shop the buttons, while another group shops the erasers or necklaces.  You can see the hair accessories all on their own rack and the hairpins in bins right next to it.

But this setup still has problems, because people have to physically come in the booth to shop, which can make it feel crowded fast. You might have noticed no one seems to be running the booth! There isn’t room for anyone to stand inside, so I and my booth helpers for the weekend mostly stood just outside it and tried not to look intimidating. 🙂

Every time I setup my booth it goes a little different. I’m always trying to tweak it to make it work better, to make it easier to shop, easier to maintain, easier to cart around.

But now it’s time to take that same focus onto my website. Only a small sliver of what I bring to my booth has been available on my website and I want to change that. It will take some time, but I’m working hard. I’d love some feed back on what people would like to see first.

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Why Orange?

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Why Orange?


Image of Oranges

Some of you might have noticed that things are changing around the old blog. I’m trying to make it easier to update, so I don’t avoid keeping you all in the loop. I’m also trying to make it easier to get the designs I make in the way you want them, pretty soon you’ll be able to order any design on any of the items I make.

But during the process I got an interesting question from Crystal, the person helping me with all this. We were discussing how I wanted the blog and website to look. “Same colors?” she asked. No question! RandomFandom has to be orange! She didn’t ask directly, but I could hear the unspoken question.

“Why orange?

Some of you probably have some pretty accurate guesses. I mean, I don’ t keep my love for everything Fruits Basket hidden by any means. And when you think of Fruits Basket and Orange. One thing comes to mind.

Not gonna lie.  When RandomFandom first started as a artist studio in the Artist Alley, Fruits Basket was my main game. So the colors when along with it. Orange for Kyo and blue for Yuki, those were my shop colors from the very start. But it used to have more blue and less orange. And as time has gone on orange has invaded, and the Fruits Basket has waned from the site. Not I don’t still love it, I do… I even still write fanfiction for it, and the old website with all the info you never knew you wanted to know about Fruits Basket is still there too. It’s just not the main focus of RandomFandom anymore.

So why keep the orange? And why make it even more orange? (Though this design is slightly less orange than the last, white is just easier to read against.)

Because I have come to love orange. It’s happy and cheerful. It makes you think of happy things like cold refreshing orange juice, bright long summer days, sunflowers, crackling fires and sunsets. (Gee, makes me sound outdoors-y which I am SO NOT.) Orange is playful,  fresh and vibrant. But mostly, orange is an everybody color.

It’s not a color for “boys” or “girls.” It’s not a color that you can be too young for, or be too old for. It’s not a color that you need worry if it’s meant for you. I’ve taken a lot of art classes, and you learn a lot about colors and what they mean to people. I’ve read that people make a decision about a place or a location within a few seconds of being there, and a lot of their decisions come from the colors alone. Have you ever walked past a store just because you can tell at a glance it’s not meant for you? A lot of that feeling probably had to do with the colors in the store. Men instinctively shy away from the “women’s” part of department store, and women to the same to men’s.

RandomFandom is for everyone, just like orange.  I want people to come on by, and have fun. When I go to a convention, people are attracted to the bright, fuzzy (and super soft) cloth I used on the table. It’s not just one type of person, young, old, man, woman… orange gets them all. And then I get to see their faces as they look over my buttons, and the smiles when they find just the right button that speaks to them. Then they open up and tell me about their con, about what interests them. That’s one of the main things I love about my job. SO MORE ORANGE, I say!


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Toracon! Oh how I love thee…

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Though I wish you had food. I think this is my fourth year doing Toracon, and it’s great to see the show grow and grow and improve each year.

This year was no different, the only issue being that besides Asian Snacktime in the dealer’s room and Ben and Jerry’s there is no food to be had within walking distance.

Also, some people are having problems with the survey link in the last post. If it’s not coming up for you there, try clicking this link: Click here to take survey

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Quick Survey!

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As part of my “Action Research Project” in my school program I’m researching some of the buying habits of Anime and Manga fans. The below survey is one way I’m collecting information. It’s a quick, less than 10 questions, and very simple. Would you mind filling it out?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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How I spent my day:

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How I spent my day:


This isn’t completely accurate. I made a difficult phone call today, which since I pretty much hate the phone was a major accomplishment. The phone call was to the state of Massachusetts department of revenue. I’d forgotten to e-file my sales tax return for a couple of months and got a bill for an estimated $3,000. ACK! Since I haven’t done business in Massachusetts since April of last year, I was a bit puzzled. But when I called they said I just had to file my zero returns and “that bill will go away.” According to the nice operator I spoke to “That was just to get your attention.” It worked!

I also did manage to clean a bit more in my craft room (after I drew this), one of the two tables in there is now mostly cleared off and about half the floor. I really want to get it done so I can get all the craft stuff that’s downstairs up in the craft room where it belongs. Then I have to go back to my parents’ place and get all my other craft stuff out.

This all makes me really want to make something, because I keep finding supplies I forgot I had, but since my craft room is still a mess and I don’t want to work downstairs and mess it up again it’ll have to wait. (Once all my supplies are put away so I can’t see them, then I’ll be moaning that I don’t know what I want to doooooo.)

I also uploaded some of my drawings to DeviantArt. I’ve been trying to draw something every day, which is something I’ve tried before at and failed. This time I’m determined not to quit if I miss a few days here and there (which I’ve already done. =/) I also didn’t want to clutter up my journal with every doodle I do (as most are really just more bunnies in aviator glasses).  But if you’re interested you can go to my deviant art profile and take a look. Most of what I’ve drawn is under the scraps section.

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