Rose Seal


Rose Seal 00013

Found a button design that got lost in the cracks of my poor filing system. 🙂 I found this one just labeled “bw u." I’ve gotten a lot better about naming things sensibly.  I remember spending hours with my Utena vhs trying to get a good image to freeze on to use as reference. I nearly burned the image into the TV leaving it up as I made this.

Then I looked at my copy of the soundtrack and there was a huge version of it. :/

I always wanted to do buttons with the shadow girls on it. That’s the hardest part of this project so far… as I go through my buttons I remember all the stuff I wanted to make but haven’t yet. I’ll never get through them all.


The button is 1 inch in size and the watermark "" does not appear on the face of the button.

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