Portal 00008

I've never actually played Portal (or Portal 2), I've just watched and enjoyed my friends doing so. I suck at games, especially puzzle solving games. I wish sometimes there was a walk-through mode you could select where you could just sit and watch video games play like a movie. (I know this defeats the purpose of a game and I'm probably the only one who wants something like that.)

Anyway the first design I made when the first game came out. Once, at Anime Boston, my friend Mindy and I were in an elevator with some left overs overs on our way back up to our hotel room. If you've ever been in a con hotel elevator you know it's a long way to any floor 'cause you're going to stop on EVERY floor on the way up. But the crowd was a friendly one, and when one group came on they ended up mashed right up next to us.

"Aw, hey!" The guy said to Mindy pointing to the takeout box in her hand, "I missed dinner?"

"And cake," she replied. "There was cake too."

"Aww," he groaned.

"I lied," Mindy said. "There was no cake. The cake is a lie." Which made everyone laugh.

Then softly, another someone said, "A tasty, tasty lie."

I realised that someone, who I didn't know and didn't know me, was quoting my button, and it was AWESOME.

Choose which button you'd like from the drop down menu or you can get the whole set. The buttons are 1 inch in size and the watermark "" does not appear on the face of the button.

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The Cake is a Lie, A Tasty, Tasty Lie I'm a Potato I'm the Best At Space